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Mediation Services
That Save Time & Money

Professional and personal disagreements that seem impossible to repair may benefit from dispute resolution. At BRMF, we specialize in mediation services in Houston, TX, helping parties that want to work out their differences together. We also offer arbitration if you prefer that someone else make the tough decisions for you. Reach out to us for a confidential consultation.

Compromise Is Possible

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes by which an independent mediator helps the parties reach a mutually satisfactory settlement. It gives the parties a chance to negotiate among themselves effectively.

What a Mediator Does

A mediator explains the mediation process and provides a supportive, non-confrontational setting in which to negotiate. They also assist the parties in understanding and analyzing the facts and issues of a dispute. Mediators keep the parties focused on issues, help them control their differences, and facilitate creative and cost-effective solutions. Everything that is stated in mediation is strictly confidential. 

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Why Mediation Works

Mediation provides a safe environment for negotiation. It gives the parties a chance to focus on exploring productive avenues to resolve their issues. Also, mediation offers all parties the opportunity to meet at the bargaining table for the express purpose of discussing settlement.

During the mediation session, each party has the opportunity to educate and influence their opponents in the opening presentation directly. The mediation session allows each party to convey a settlement proposal by privately sharing the mediator's proposition in a caucus.


Mediation works because it brings the parties together to "realistically" evaluate their positions and safely explore settlement options. Many parties recognize that they would like to be the ones to determine the resolution of their dispute.


Arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution. It is a way of settling a dispute without having to go to court. You are called the claimant and the party you are taking action against is the respondent. You both put your case to an independent person called and arbitrator.

In Arbitration the dispute will be decided by one or more persons which renders "an arbitration reward". An arbitration reward is legally binding on both sides and enforceable in the court.

Each party in a dispute can mail us their documentation for arbitration. Also, we can conduct the arbitration by telephone conference or in person. We will notify you about our arbitration decision by email, fax, or mail within 15 days.